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What is the Homeownership Training Program?


What is offered

Homeownership training courses* are offered in different location throughout the year for anyone interested in learning more about the homeownership process. In a group setting, common issues are taught by lenders, realtors and Inner City's staff such as:

Benefits and risks of homeownership

Mortgage process

Principles of financial management

How to work with lenders and realtors

Home upkeep and maintenance

*Homebuyers education eight (8) hour class
Graduates will receive a certificate upon completion

How To Apply

Persons who wish to apply for assistance through Inner-city Revitalization Corporation can contact a bank of your choice directly and request to pre-qualify for a home loan. Banks participating* with this program are:

Wells Fargo

Capitol One Bank



*Call if you are unsure if your bank participates or need more assistance contact Inner-city Revitalization Corporation at (318) 442-15024


You may contact Inner City Revitalization Corporation for training and counseling prior to contacting a lending institution to see if you can qualify for a home loan.

Required for assessment:

Statement of all monthly bills

Louisiana picture ID

Social Security Card

Proof of income (pay stubs, retirement or SSI statement)

Child support payment record (paying and receiving - Court ordered only)

Rent statement or utility bill (must clearly state name and address)

Housing/Credit Counseling Program
one-on-one & group

Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\School\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\UTJQ1BZ7\MC900286972[1].wmfA housing counselor will meet individually and in a group setting using the FDIC Money Smart Curriculum to Building*: Knowledge, Security, Confidence. Topics covered are:

Bank On It: intro to Bank services

Borrowing Basics: An intro to credit

Check it Out: Keeping a checking account

Money Matters: Keeping track of money

Pay Yourself First: Save, save, save

Keep it Safe: Your rights as a consumer

To Your Credit: Your credit history and credit future

Charge it Right: Credit cards working for you

Your Own Home: Homeownership and you


*A $35 fee will be charged for the credit report and credit assessment for those individuals requesting their credit report



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